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Database Design

We specialize in acquiring, analyzing and enriching data, as well as converting it into business intelligence.

We at Nebel Infotech build custom database solutions for any size business tailored to your specific needs. Each database is centralized, easy to use, and secure. Your users can access information 24/7 and see only the data you want them to. Plus – our robust reports & search features let them see the data just the way they want it.

We specialize in acquiring, analyzing and enriching data, as well as converting it into business intelligence. Our services are always tailored to each project utilizing a wide variety of Quantitative and Qualitative methods to give you deep insight into the information that can answer your questions.

Why Customized Database Design is required

If you manage your business using several spreadsheets it can be very difficult to find the information you need, keep track of business activity and to monitor the performance of your company. You may be missing out on potential sales, losing efficiency and holding back the growth of your business.

A Custom Database allows you to easily organise your company data, letting you find exactly what you need, when you need it. We simplify your business, putting all of your data in one manageable place with a straightforward, user friendly data entry screens and workflows making it easier to find the information you need.

Nebel’s team specializes in converting your complex Excel spreadsheets and Access databases to SQL Server and .NET. We strive to capture and retain the significant investment you have made in functionality and business knowledge that is unique to your business.

Nebel Infotech offers following professional Custom Database Design Services

Microsoft SQL Server Database Design Services

We offer a range of professional consulting and engineering services — all centered around our core expertise with the Microsoft technology stack, including: SQL Server database migration, SQL Server performance optimization, custom SQL/.NET design-build solutions, accounting and ERP systems integration, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) design-build, data visualization and analytics, maintenance and support services.

Access & Excel Migrations to SQL Server Databases

Many businesses manage their core business data using Excel or Access. Eventually, they outgrow these tools. As the business expands, they need more users, better performance, more data capacity, remote or mobile capabilities, and multiple users in multiple locations. Many work-arounds lead directly to inconsistent data and growing costs that justify migrating to a more robust SQL Server/.NET solution.

Database & Process Assessments

We conduct in-depth assessment of your current business processes, IT environment, and database structure.

Profitable Recommendations

We recommend solutions for database management and structure which help in achieving long-term biz goals.

Real-Time User Optimization

We at Nebel Infotech utilize user data to calibrate and optimize your business processes, data storage and retrieval.

High Consistency & Data Integrity

We ensure data consistency and integrity during data migration from older schemas to the new ones.

Why Choose us for Custom Database Design

    • Solid Structured Framework – Nebel Infotech has experience on all Frameworks.
    • Developer Friendly Programming – providing flexibility for a company to hire other developers to work on a Nebel Developed project.
    • Long years of experience in database driven application development.
    • Coding Guidelines and Standards
    • User Friendly Interfaces

Our working is based on the will to give effective and efficient solutions to you. We make sure that you get your hands on a creative custom database solution according to your requirements. We make it functional, maintaining high performance and productivity at the same time. We are here to deliver you with nothing but the best.

We develop data sync for your business so you can easily transfer and share your data across different personnel, branches and offices. It securely keeps your vital data within your grasp at any moment.