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Data and Information

In-house information and records management is difficult, time-consuming and costly. We offer integrated information services to manage your valuable records.

The continuous increase in the volume and detail of data captured by organizations has produced an overwhelming flow of data in either a structured or unstructured format. Managing and gaining insights and, more precisely, knowledge from the produced data is a great challenge and key to competitive advantage. The ability to cross-relate private information with information publically available on the Web, and data from social networks, and the analytics solutions to mining structured and unstructured data open a wide range of possibilities for organizations to understand the needs of their customers, and to optimize the use of resources.

Nebel Infotech is one of the few companies which offers Data and Information Management Services in India. We at Nebel with our Data Scientists aim to manage cross-disciplinary data-driven information management research, especially targeting large-scale datasets in scientific/academic, government and business domains.


Bespoke information management solutions for today’s business

For most businesses, in-house information and records management is difficult, time-consuming and costly which is why Nebel offers integrated information services to manage and store your company’s valuable records and data.

If you require your organizations’ information to be managed, digitized, securely stored and retrievable at your convenience then rely on Nebel to provide a comprehensive management solution that provides both reporting services and reliable data security.

As a quality endorsed Data and Information Management company, security and confidentiality of your information are our priority. We also provide a thorough consultation process to determine your specific requirements before supplying and delivering boxes, barcodes and collection details. At all times your company’s anonymity is guaranteed.


Our services include

    • Collection
    • Transport
    • Scanning
    • Data capture and security
    • Mailroom services

Our understanding of the business and deep technical expertise delivers efficient and high-quality services to our clients, wherever they operate in the world. Working with the fundamental commercial and proprietary data technologies, we believe that our standards and specialists are key to maximizing the value from your data investments. We support everything from large-scale transformational data programs through to ongoing daily services.

We believe providing quick and easy access to high-quality information is essential for safe and efficient operations. Working with this principle, our team of specialists has the proficiency to support your information management goals, whatever they may be. Our ability to work with the most commonly utilized software technologies makes us the right choice for supporting your information management needs.