Flutter App

Flutter is robust and reactive with widgets and tools that allow the building and deployment of UI with animations.

Get Beautiful and Fast Loading Native Apps

As one of the leading web and mobile app development company, Nebel Infotech offers next-gen app development services using Google’s revolutionary framework, Flutter. This open source mobile app SDK supports both Android and iOS platforms using a single codebase. This unmatched and highly reliable mobile UI framework enables to craft high quality native interfaces on cross platforms just within a 120 FPS record time.

The key benefit of developing the mobile app with Flutter is that it comes with a rich widget, framework, and tools, Flutter allows developers to create a stunning app for iOS and Android platforms, quickly. Flutter makes the development process fast, reduces the overall development cost as well as ease developers in cross platform app development.

When compared to other hybrid frameworks, Flutter is robust and reactive with widgets and tools that allow the building and deployment of UI with animations and a single codebase that works for both iOS and Android platforms. Moreover, all the release code is compiled using native code such as Android NDK, LLVM, and AOT- compiled that do not require interpreter involvement, resulting in the delivery of the fastest code that is extremely close to the pure native performance.

Advantages of Flutter App Development

Easy to Adopt

The primary aim of Flutter architecture is to simplify the development process for developers. It does this by offering integration using other programming languages.

Quick Coding

With the hot reload feature, developers can change code and check the result in real-time without starting the build process. It enables quicker debugging and simplifies the process of fixing bugs.

Single Codebase

Flutter takes away the need for developers to write different codes for iOS and Android. Use a single codebase to create apps for both iOS and Android.

Expedite Development Speed

By enabling you to define both look and functionality of your app using Dart alone, Flutter keeps XML out of the picture, making the process faster.

Faster Testing

Earlier, the developers had to carry out the testing process separately for the two different platforms, but with Flutter, only a single test is required for both platforms, making testing quicker and more efficient.


Population of Widget

Beside allowing customization of existing widgets, Flutter enables developers to create new widgets. The rich widget library in the SDK makes it easy to customize a widget quickly.

Material Design and Cupertino

Flutter gives a new meaning to Cross-Platform Native apps with a widget library made of both Material Design (Google) and Cupertino (Apple).

Smoother Experience

Flutter’s modern technology allows developers to create a faster and more fluid experience to end-users, making it easier to meet user demands. 



At Nebel, as a renowned Flutter App Development Company, we have a veteran team of flutter developers with experience in developing beautiful and functionally-rich apps.

In spite of being in the infancy stage, the transforming capabilities of Flutter have been realized by some of the biggest brands in the world. It is time for you to get your name added in the list.