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Open Source

A unique combination of Open Source business process consulting and implementations.

Companies today want technology to deliver innovation to help drive business operations and sales through its fast-paced developments. This converging marketplace is opening opportunities for companies to expand their profitability by supporting a larger range of open source technologies with a focus on the highly robust space of enterprise solutions. Besides, a lot of older technology driving our marketplace are due for replacement, which only goes to show how far the market has changed- this is why open-source make sense.

Open source platforms foster better software development. Developers have visibility into the source code of the platform and can troubleshoot and customize the code according to their unique needs. Moreover, an open source platform promotes collaboration. The multitude of ideas and solutions shared within a strong development community strengthens the product and provides visibility into how other developers solve complex integration problems.

As a top independent open source software integrator in India, Nebel Infotech provides our customers with a unique combination of open source business process consulting and implementations.

Our team has the end-to-end capability within the business process improvement category. From logistics, e-commerce, business process management, data integration, and accounting within direct to consumer to manufacturing, the service sector, construction, utilities the teams at Nebel have you covered.

We provide open source accounting, CRM, and e-commerce platform empowerment that includes real-time big data and AI leading the way. Our team works personally with each of our open source software clients to analyze the challenges facing their operations, unleash the power of their data, and achieve their specific ERP and ROI business goals.

We work together with focused clients to find the best strategies for meeting their objectives while developing and customizing or maintaining – hands on – the right open-source software platforms, integrations, and smart mash-ups. Our mission is to help optimize business processes and promote improved business results that lead to a sustainable, scalable, competitive advantage within their industry.

We help the business operate on Open Source Software with enterprise class implementation, integration, and support. Our supported Open Source products and solutions help a business to lower their total cost of ownership. Nebel Infotech helps a business identify the right product for your business process. Our business goal is to provide quality support with managed service on deployed systems and products. On Ope Source, Nebel implements and supports various enterprise applications. All our solutions come with complete systems documentation and training. Nebel Infotech consultancy services can be used to develop a long term strategic plan for your organization’s technology requirements. A planned implementation for a business of any size can be designed to help your business process more effective, the lower total cost of ownership and implement open standards.