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React Native App

We were early adopters of React Native, so we know how to make the most of it. The apps we develop are high-performance and compatible with iOS and Android.

Get rigid Cross-platform Mobile Apps

Nebel Infotech a leading React Native Development Company has been building mobile applications based on this framework. Our team of professional mobile developers holds expertise in delivering React Native mobile app solutions across distinct industries and domains.

React native is a flexible and extensive platform for developing mobile apps using a very prevalent and fast-growing React.js library. We were early adopters of React Native, so we know how to make the most of it. The apps we develop are high-performance and compatible with iOS and Android. If you already have a web app or is looking to build an awesome application for mobile that is highly functional, robust and with the great user interface; the best option for you is to rely on cross-platform mobile development powered by React Native.

Benefits with React Native App Development

Code Reusability

React allows sharing a single codebase for developing apps for both iOS and Android. App developers can reuse code from web apps written using React Native and convert it into mobile apps.

Easy Integration

React is the best choice for starting a new mobile app from scratch. It enables seamless synchronization with other compatible apps by leveraging the device’s internal programming system and reduces integration issues as it works well with the device’s native apps such as camera, messaging, GPS, etc.

Amazing UI

Being user-centric makes it a JavaScript library rather than a framework. Javascript being asynchronous, allows the user interface to feel smoother, faster and gives the exact feel of a native app.

Reduced Development Cycle

The cross-platform feature helps reduce the 40% development cycle compared to the native application. This means less investment and maximum ROI from the app owners. Considering its modular and intuitive interface, developers can easily understand it without prior engagement.

Push Updates

Unlike old times, with React Native, you don’t need permission for updating apps. So, you don’t have to wait long for updations. Because of all these features, the react native is soon going to take over the Native App development. It exercises the components that are written in Object-C, Java and swift for the development of a hybrid app.

Using React Native, we develop high-performance and secure mobile apps
up to 99.9% of crash‑free sessions. We offer the following cross-platform mobile app development services:

React App Development (iOS & Android)

Right from designing to developing your mobile apps for Android, iOS and other platforms, our React Native team covers the entire gamut of development. Our developers have a thorough understanding of React Native tools and technologies to develop high-end apps.

React Native Customization Services

If you have customized React Native app development requirements, our term is here to comprehend your requirements and delivery React Native customization services to meet your needs.

Fast MVP for mobile startups

An MVP, or Minimum Viable Product, is a completely functional app that has only basic features. React Native is a perfect tool for projects of this kind, as creating an MVP with React Native is easier and cheaper than with other technologies.

Migrating Your App to React Native

If you want to migrate your existing mobile application to React Native with enhanced UI and UX, our React Native app developers have also expertise in migrating your existing app to React Native, making it a perfect fit for you.

Server side APIs for mobile apps

Server side APIs are a true must for any mobile app that requires internet connectivity — they let the app interact with databases, web services, and diverse third-party APIs. We build APIs that enable back-and-forth communication between the app and the server.

Support and Maintenance

We provide ongoing support and enhancement of the app after it’s launched to ensure that your users enjoy it and don’t experience any problems. We ensure that your mobile app is fully prepared for both the App Store and Google Play Store and that it’s always kept up-to-date and delivers flawless performance.