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Using Silverlight, we ensure that the solutions we deliver help the clients get an edge over their competitors.

Nebel Infotech offers Silverlight application development and Silverlight controls that can be sued to integrate animations, graphics, multimedia and interactivity into a single solution and environment that can take up users’ experience into perfect web development solutions with the help of the Silverlight business application. Our Silverlight navigation application is used for many add-on features such as Microsoft Silverlight plugin, Silverlight application development, support for 3D graphics, support for professional WMA, protection for content and deep zoom. Microsoft Silverlight plugin is used effectively for cross-platform, cross-browser and plug-in for cross-device. The Silverlight controls can update automatically and Microsoft Silverlight plugin is comparatively lightweight and easy to use.

Having rich experience in Silverlight web development, we ensure that the solutions we deliver help the clients get an edge over their competitors. We have a large pool of Microsoft developers who provide world-class web applications using Silverlight. The well trained Silverlight professionals help the clients to get cross-browser and cross-operating system solutions. Our developers have extensive experience in developing Microsoft SilverLight based Rich Internet Applications. If you are looking for a robust and scalable solution to display high definition streaming video, we can help.


Silverlight development services:

    • Rich Internet Applications development (RIAs) with Microsoft Silverlight
    • Superior AJAX-based applications deploying and design
    • Integrating of Silverlight plug-in with existing web applications
    • Multimedia internet solutions development (custom video and audio albums and others)
    • Different web widgets development and customization
    • Web portals and web sites development with 2D animation and audio/video playback
    • We provide interactive Silverlight solutions for Windows mobile
    • Online games development and many other Silverlight-based development services

Advantages of Microsoft Silverlight:

Silver light is a cross-browser, cross-platform, and cross-device plug-in Designed to deliver the next generation of .NET based media experiences and Rich Interactive Applications Offers a flexible programming model – supports Visual Basic, C#, Python and Ruby Seamlessly integrates with existing Web applications Freely available for all the supported browsers and platforms Supports features like flexible 2D vector graphics, overlaid video, and powerful transformations and animations Supports speedy, cost-effective delivery of high-quality video Has the ability to deliver high-fidelity media experiences on a broad set of system configurations The plug-in is comparatively light, weighing in at just a few megabytes Has the ability to update itself automatically Supports speedy, cost-effective delivery of high-quality video Silver light applications run easily on the major operating systems Windows.

We have huge expertise in building multimedia apps, rich media apps, information portals, eCommerce development, business applications using Silverlight. We understand the value of time and so, we deliver all the Silverlight application projects on time without any delay. Get in touch with us now to know how we can add value to your business or to know more about us.