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SEO Audit

Build a solid foundation for your future content marketing efforts and ensure that your website is set up for success with a technical SEO audit.

Having a visible and user-friendly site is the key to online success, and we can help you achieve one. With a thorough SEO audit, it’s possible to discover the untapped potential of your website. Customers demand accessible, error-free, and relevant web experiences and Google increasingly looks at user engagement signals when ranking websites.

Build a solid foundation for your future content marketing efforts and ensure that your website is set up for success with a technical SEO audit and keyword research. We ensure that your website is set up to give every piece of content the chance to be found successfully by search engines.

A technical SEO audit is one of the first stages of a successful digital marketing campaign. Unlike some of our other audit services, this report is generated through high-detailed manual checks on a website. Sifting through the websites on a granular basis ensures that any technical issues are identified early. On completion, our technical SEO audit will be able to identify and resolve any problems during the beginning stages of a campaign.

Consider a technical SEO audit as a general medical check-up on your website’s search engine optimization. Without it, you may be suffering from some significant issues that could be hindering your organic search performance. We often come across websites that, despite having impeccable on-page SEO, can’t get past common technical SEO problems like keyword cannibalization, redirect chains, and canonicalization. Our technical SEO audit is designed to unearth all such issues – large and small alike – to know exactly what needs to improve.


Nebel Infotech Technical SEO Audit Process

Over the years, we – at Nebel Infotech have built an extensive technical SEO audit checklist. Our bespoke process enables us to analyze a large amount of website data to determine what and where the core issues on a website lie. Using industry-leading software and tools, we are able to perform advanced SEO checks that cover a wide area of technical issues. These checks include:

    • Indexation issues and penalties
    • Website architecture, navigation, and internal linking
    • Site errors, such as 404 pages
    • On-page optimization and duplicate content checks
    • Canonicalisation and keyword cannibalization problems

Nebel's Technical SEO Audit Deliverables

Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO problems can negatively affect your rankings, in many cases without even realizing it. We will review your technical SEO infrastructure and make specific recommendations on how to solve any issues.

Keyword Research Analysis

Everything in SEO starts with a keyword and it’s the backbone of successful SEO campaigns. We will make sure that you are targeting the right keywords and give you ideas of new keywords to target to satisfy your user’s intent.

On-Page SEO Audit

We will review the on-page SEO structure of your pages (including the homepage) to make sure that you are giving the right ‘signals’ to Google algorithms.

Content SEO Audit

Is your content SEO friendly? Can it be understood by search engines and at the same time satisfy the user intent? Do users like your content? SEO Content Audit will give you all the answers in a language you can understand.

Off-Page SEO Audit

We will review your link profile, identify toxic links that may be hurting your rankings and make specific recommendations on how to improve your link profile.


Competitor Analysis

You can learn a lot from your competitors, provided that you know what to look for. Our competitor’s analysis will identify what they are doing better and how to replicate their steps to achieve even better results.

Penalty Identification & Recovery

Is your website penalized by Google? Did you experience a sudden decrease in rankings without knowing why? We will tell you if you are under a Google penalty and how to get out of it.

Website Structure Audit

Most people ignore the importance of having a well-defined site structure and this bad for SEO. We will review your website structure and make specific recommendations on how to optimize it and serve your users better.

Custom SEO Strategy

Many websites fail because they don’t have a clear SEO strategy in place. As part of the audit, we will suggest an SEO strategy that can work for you.

Action Plan

An audit report without an action plan is just another audit. We will give you a prioritized action plan on what you need to do to improve your SEO performance in 60 days or less. Actionable items that can really make a difference.