AI - Artificial Intelligence

Extensive experience in developing AI software can become a differentiator for your business to get immense success.

How about the different business software you use to give you solid data-backed decisions to grow your business? This is no longer a science fiction concept but thanks to AI, an intelligent business might be just an algorithm away. For machines to gain knowledge from experience AI helps a lot. It guides to get adjusted with inputs that are new and perform human like activities. If you are looking for an artificial intelligence development company, Nebel Infotech is the best choice for you.

We care for the AI, so you can focus on everything else

Solve your most complex business problems with a cutting-edge AI platform that understands how your business and your people work.

Artificial Intelligence or AI is revolutionizing businesses and it is one of the hottest technology trends which is prevailing all over the world. AI technology replicates human intelligence in a structured manner. This intelligence provides many opportunities for businesses to automate their business operations and processes by leveraging the benefits of AI applications. Nebel’s AI development services help enterprises in building amazing AI software, virtual agents or personal assistants who understand and interpret the human behavior for delivering excellent support and amazing user experience. Nebel Infotech will guide you on the path to your custom AI software, from the business requirements gathering stage to user training and maintenance for the ready AI solution.

As a leading AI development company, our extensive experience in developing AI software can become a differentiator for your business to get immense success through the use of various AI technologies. Our expertise includes an entire range of AI technologies including NLP implementation, Machine learning development, Speech Recognition, Image Processing, Neural Networks, etc. We design such powerful solutions that integrate smoothly with the client’s business model and boost their business in a big way.


We, at Nebel Infotech, provide the following services to the different industry verticals

Machine Learning

Nebel Infotech builds applications of AI which empower businesses to get ultimate benefits of machine learning which is a technology that allows machines to use data for self-learning. Machine Learning can be used to interpret complex data, trends, patterns to learn human behavior.

Customer Care

Customers of today expect fast, accurate and interactive services for real time communication. We assist you to improve your customer experience by reducing operation cost through AI Chatbot, a Virtual Interactive Agent based on the Industry you serve.


Enhance value to your business heuristics with a prediction solution that effectively identifies churn risk. Through the exclusive predictive analytic tool, it is simple to combine an improved data management process. We furnish end-to-end risk and compliance management for better decisions.

Object Detection

Based on your industry, the object detection train the models to rectify the consumption of time and cost by detecting the objects. The raw detection, as well as the rich set of statistics, are provided by our deep learning system through visibility analysis and automated object detection.

machine learning

AI for Image Recognition

Image recognition has the power to transform your industries to a new height. Our intelligent solution helps in diminishing the internal and external costs of failure by image recognition using state-of-art technology.


Leverage the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to scrutinize the sentiment of text and sort it as positive, negative or neutral. This can yield up to 50% better outcome than the rules-based system as it cuts down false alarms. This also upholds good relationship maintenance with your customers.

Our Artificial Intelligence services redefine the way businesses operate with the customers. We deliver end to end AI integrated apps covering a wide range of industries. Our AI services help to understand the data analysis of your business. This supports faster decision-making in the business and helps firms in eliminating repetitive tasks. Our AI solutions focus in the direction of extending the human potential. Services include Natural Language Processing, deep neural networks, reinforcement learning, predictive analytics, and computer vision that creates competitive edge business solutions.

We share creative approaches to resolve the resource constraints to develop a robust and full-fledged Artificial Intelligence solution. Our expert team of app development ensures that our clients are empowered by Artificial Intelligence services. We convert your idea into reality to keep you looking smart and spontaneous, hardly matter how complex your AI App idea is.